About therapy

Both counselling and psychotherapy are ‘talking therapies’ that are used to help people who are experiencing psychological or emotional distress. The two terms are often used interchangeably however there are sometimes differences to the context in which they are used.   In addition, talking therapies are not just for dealing with life’s problems.  They are also an effective process for personal development and change.

In practice, I use a blend of whichever approach I think will be most helpful to you at that time.



This approach is usually appropriate for a single or predominant issue or in response to a recent event. Examples might include a particular work or relationship problem, bereavement, redundancy, stress and anxiety about current events etc. 


This is more appropriate for longer-term, recurrent or deeper issues such as depression, relationship difficulties, low self-esteem, life-stage crises etc. The powerful insights that you gain from this work can help you to make positive and lasting life changes.

Personal Development

We will work on increasing your self-awareness and insight, helping you to improve confidence, develop emotional intelligence and become more effective at work and in your personal relationships.  

How we will work together …

You are in control at all times and we will work at your own pace.

Through talking about past and present life events, or perhaps interpreting your dreams, we can identify consistent influences and patterns that you may not be aware of.  These patterns are often deep rooted and beyond conscious awareness. They usually develop as a result of our early life experiences.  For this reason, this approach is often thought of as ‘reflective therapy’.  

Working in this way enables us to go beyond the surface symptoms and deal with the underlying root cause. Then, when you are ready – and only if you want to – we can work on how you might change and be able to sustain that change.

“…Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you…”  

Jean-Paul Sartre